Inside The 7 Star Charter Fishing Boat

When not out to sea, the 7 Star charter fishing boat is berthed in Kota Kinabalu jetty, Sabah.
Our 65 feet by 14 feet boat has the capacity to handle up to 8 to 10 anglers. We are equipped with 10 bunk beds, toilet and shower, has a kitchen and carries beverage for the guests. She is equipped to spend days in the open sea, has satellite phone, GPS and sonar.

We do not advise taking on too many anglers on my trip, as the sleeping quarters can be a bit cramped. Although, we have 10 bunks, your luggage has to be stored in your sleeping quarters. While anglers only think about the only thing that matters – fishing time, there will be times when you need to rest or take shelter in the sleeping quarters.

7 Star Fishing Boat Charter

7 Star Fishing Boat

7 Star Fishing Boat

7 Star Bunk House

7 Star Boat Bunk House

Lower Bunk Beds On Board The 7 Star

7 Star Boat Deck

The Stern Deck Of 7 Star