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The People Behind 7 Star Fishing Adventures

Let me introduce who we are, so you can see the people behind this 7 Star Fishing Adventures.

Leonard Lee – Partner

Leonard of 7 Star

Leonard, Co-owner of 7 Star

The partners of 7 Star are both fishing enthusiasts.

An avid angler, whose passion lead to the purchase and refurbishment of 7 Star. He is the co-founder of 7 Star Fishing Adventures, based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

He heads out to sea with every charter and takes part in the Sabah International Fishing Tournament and the Labuan International Fishing Tournament whenever he can. He has fished in every fishing spot in the waters of Sabah, all the way to Labuan.

Also a successful business man in another industry in Kota Kinabalu city, handling large projects in his field of expertise.

You can contact him by email or telephone: 6019 820 9322

Steven Tham – Partner

Steven 7Star Fishing

Steven, Co-Owner of 7 Star

Partner and co-founder of 7 Star Fishing Adventures. An avid angler, who likes to share the excitement of deep sea fishing in the open waters of Sabah, Malaysia. Got any fishing stories to share?

Most of the time, either one of them will go out to sea with their clients. They get to know their clients personally, and being avid anglers themselves, they know what fishing enthusiasts want.

You can contact him by email or telephone: 6019 810 3689

About 7 Star Fishing Charter Boats

Visit these pages for photos and information of our fishing boats below.
1) 7 Star Fishing Boat
2) 7 Star 2 Fishing Boat
3) 7 Star 3 Fishing Boat
4) 7 Star 4 Fishing Boat

To Book Your Trip, Contact us today: sevenstarboat@yahoo.com

We take you out to where the fishes are biting…in the deep sea surrounding the coast of Sabah. We specialize in deep sea overnight excursions all over the waters of Sabah. Fancy a spot of night fishing? Who has got time to sleep when the fishes are biting?

Just bring your fishing gear. And let us take care of the rest. We will provide the baits, the food, the drinks. We will even pick you up from the airport and take you to your hotel.

You know, within one hour of your arrival, we could be out to sea on board the 7 Star fishing boat. Getting together and having a good time as only anglers can.

Most of our guests are from overseas, flying into Sabah to do some amazing world-class fishing. They come from Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and the list goes on….

We aim to satisfy all of our clients, and you will be in good hands. On a sound boat, and an experienced captain. The 7 Star fishing boat is equipped with satellite phone, GPS and sonar. We are registered with the relevant Government agencies, we are a legal business and vessel.

You can charter the 7 Star with our experienced captain and head out to sea for some deep sea fishing. Our packages can be found here, Fishing Trips. Take a 3 days/2 nights fishing trip with us, or charter a longer trip. You will find our prices affordable and the deep sea fishing experience unbeatable.

Still reading? Great!
Go out to sea with us, and come back with a bountiful catch and some great fishing stories.

Call or email us to book the 7 Star. We are available for charter whenever you are ready. We can head out to sea at any time. If you cannot reach us, it means we are already out to sea and you have missed the boat. LOL! The bookings are back to back at times, but we will do our best to accommodate you. Just email us in advance, like weeks in advance.

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