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Our next trip out to sea was on 4th October 2010. This time, it was anglers flying in all the way from Hong Kong. It was a party of 3, and they chartered the 7 Star for a 4 Days/3 Nights fishing excursion.

We took them out to the sea around Mengalum Island, going out further where the waters were deep. This increases the travel time but deeper waters mean bigger catches. Booking a longer trip allows more time to find good fishing spots. Since anglers come from all over the world to go deep sea fishing in Sabah, we do all we can to ensure a good fishing trip for them.

Mr Aleman Wong form Hong Kong

Mr Aleman Wong form Hong Kong.

Chows, Hong Kong Angler

Mr Chows, angler from Hong Kong.

I am told that you just don’t get to do this kind of fishing around Hong Kong waters. Sabah happens to be located in the right place, with easy access to sea. Price-wise, fishing in Sabah does not cost as much as in many developed countries. Many of our clients come back to us for another shot at the fishing in Sabah.

Kwok, Hong Angler

Mr Kwong, Hong Kong angler fishing in Sabah.

The total catch from this trip, some really good eating, and some huge fishes. You don’t necessary have to bring your own gear. The fishing gear we have available are good quality gear and have satisfied many anglers.

Hong Kong Catch

A pretty good haul.

Fishes caught by anglers in Sabah

Look at the size of the catch on the right.

All in all, it was a successful trip and we look forward to Mr Aleman and company on their next deep sea fishing trip.


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