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We have just returned from a fishing charter with a group of 8 anglers from the Philippines, who flew into Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, just for a chance to go deep sea fishing in the waters of Sabah. They had booked for a 4 day/ 3 night charter, arriving on 1st August 2010, and flew back today.

We went out to sea from Kota Kinabalu city on 2nd August, and traveled north-east towards the waters around Mantanani island. We arrived at our planned location after almost 6 hours. The weather condition for this trip wasn’t ideal, as the sea was quite choppy. You can see the sea condition from this video.


The Weather For This Trip
Still, anglers from any country will enjoy the chance to charter a boat and do some serious fishing here. Even if the weather wasn’t the best for this time of the year. The sea was a little rough, and it was rained. Normally, April to July are the ideal time for going out to sea. But weather is hard to predict, and conditions can change.

The Catch For This Trip
For this trip, our anglers from the Philippines managed to land a fair number of fishes, best described as a modest catch. While the rain will bring the fishes up, we were not able to explore more fishing spots due to the choppy waves. We had originally planned to go further out to sea, but in this case, the conditions were not ideal. Still, there were plenty to smile about.

Fishing in sabah

A catch is always a reason to smile

fish caught

A nice catch

happy angler

Somewhere in the waters of Mantanani

fishing on 7 star

Everyone had a nice catch

deep sea fishing

Not the first trip for many of these anglers

Total Catch

Total catch of the trip

The End Of The Trip
We arrived back to Kota Kinabalu city on 5th August in the afternoon. Our anglers returned to their hotel to get some rest and perhaps explore the city. We met up in the evening to take them to dinner, feasting on the fishes they caught. They will be flying back to the Philippines tomorrow.

anglers from philipines

Group photo of the anglers

The Hotel They Stayed In
They stayed in 1 City Hotel, located in Kota Kinabalu city, in Segama Complex. 1 City Hotel is a relatively new boutique hotel, tastefully furnished, in the middle of the city. Standard rooms start from RM 108.00, off-peak rates.

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