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When the fishes are biting, we really land some awesome catches. Good size fishes over-flowing on the deck of the boat.

good catch

These were some of the fishes caught on that can be caught on any given trip. Groupers, perch, travelly, mackerals, amberjacks, snappers, jobfish, red bass, barracudas, billfish, sweetlip, coral trout, red bass, seabreams, emperor, tuna, barracudas, marlin, stingrays, triggerfish and chinaman fish.

They say the thrill of fishing is the pursuit of the illusive, and anglers are always talking about the big one. Well, my friends, the big one and the illusive is attainable in the waters around Sabah. You just have to hit it at the right time and the right spot. The deep waters in Sabah offer some world class fishing, whether you are trolling, bottom fishing, jigging or popping.

catch of the day

The best thing about deep sea fishing in Sabah? The company of like minded fishing enthusiasts, and the satisfaction of the catch. These fishes were caught on board the 7 Star Fishing Adventures, a deep sea fishing boat charter operating out of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

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