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When Singapore Anglers Come To Town

It seems that this year’s award for the craziest, funniest group of anglers to arrive on the shore of Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is this group of anglers from Singapore. They had the most fun, were the loudest and really just enjoyed themselves. And to top it off, you should look at the size of their catch.

We say hello to Shannon Sim, Noel, Max, Sherman, David Adrian, Han and Perry, all professionals from Singapore who came over to go fishing in Sabah on a well deserved break. They went for 4 days and 3 nights on the 7 Star in April. And since they had such a good time fishing with us, we really look forward to their return.

Singapore Anglers In Sabah

Surprisingly well dressed for a 4 day, 3 night fishing trip in the waters around Sabah. This is in the running for this year’s Best Dressed Angler of the Year on board the 7 Star.

How Was The Fishing?

night fishing sabah

night fishing sabah

day fishing sabah

night fishing sabah

The Entire Haul Of The Fishing Trip

When the fishing is so good, it is no wonder everyone was in such high spirits. This catch is a great haul by anyone’s standard.

fishes caught in Sabah

Singaporeans Fishing in Sabah

Sometimes I wonder if our readers are so used to see catches of this size on board the 7 Star. For the crew of the 7 Star, it is about the enjoyment our clients get when they quite literally land the biggest catch of their life. Our clients get to do this after having booked their fishing trip 3 months in advance, feeling thousands of miles and being on a boat in the middle of the South China Sea.

Singapore Anglers in Sabah

It is the fishing enthusiasts dream vacation. Being out to sea, with a group of friends who knows how to enjoy what life has to offer. What is it about fishing that only anglers can understand? It is hard to explain; just imagine hanging a sign outside your door, and the sign says “GONE FISHING“.

Fishing Vacation Sabah

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