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Labuan International Fishing Tournament With Team 1 Borneo

Anglers from all over the world set sail from the Labuan International Seasport Complex, the starting point of the IGFA Labuan International Game Fishing Tournament 2011. This year’s tournament ran from 19th to 24th April, organized by Labuan Corporation and Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, and co-organized by the Labuan Watersports Association.

All participants had be in Labuan on the 18th April 2011 for the registration which is only opened from 1700 hrs to 1900 hrs.

The fishing competition will commence at 0800hrs on 20th April 2011 and will close at 1000hrs on 23rd April 2011. As this is an international tournament, all rules which every competitor will have, are observed.

Registration for Labuan IGFA 2011

Registration for Labuan IGFA 2011

Team 1 Borneo – The Anglers

The members of Team 1 Borneo 2011 are Cheng Kok Mun, Mohd Rahim bin Malik, Abd Razak bin Sakdom, Chong Kian Voon, Zulkarnain bin Zainal Abidin, Chung Yon Kim and Chung Kim On. Team 1 Borneo are a group of anglers from West Malaysia.

Team 1 Borneo

1 Borneo fishing tournament team

7 Star Fishing Boat

7 Star charter fishing boat

Note: 1 Borneo is the largest lifestyle hypermall in Sabah and is one of the most popular shopping, dining and entertainment destination in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Popular with locals and tourists alike, there are 4 hotels located at 1 Borneo, including Air Asia’s Tune Hotel.

Team 1 Borneo chartered our fishing boat, 7 Star for the tournament. We will head towards the waters off Layang-Layang where the fishing for the Labuan IGFA tournament will be conducted. The sea around Layang Layang is ideal as it is in deep waters, making the fishing bountiful and fishes in deep water are large.

Before The Competition Starts

All participants had be in Labuan on the 18th April 2011 for the registration which is only opened from 1700 hrs to 1900 hrs. After the competitors are registered on the 18th, there is an official welcome and a briefing to attend. There will be a marshal, who is called the Safety Official assigned to each boat. In addition, an observer may also be assigned to the fishing boat at random according to IGFA rules.

On the following day, the 19th, the crews and competitors spend the morning loading up the boats which will be their home for the next 6 days. Last minute checks are performed, and the event organizers ensure the head count is correct.

At 11.00am, we depart to Layang Layang. The travel time to Layang Layang can take up to 12 hours or more, depending on the boat. As it was, we will be travelling through the night and arrive at our destination in the early hours of the following day.

All competitors are expected to arrive at Layang Layang by 6.00am on the 20th. After Navy security clearance has been obtained, the competition is officially under way. All teams will have until 1000hrs, 23rd April to make their catch.

Labuan IGFA

Heading towards Layang Layang during Labuan IGFA

Labuan IGFA boats

What a sight! A fleet of anglers heading out.

The Fishing At Layang Layang

Ask any angler, fishing boat or anybody in the know, and they will tell you that the waters off Layang Layang is one of the best fishing ground in this part of the world. The Labuan IGFA Tournament has been fished here for last few years.

There are 3 categories that the teams will be competing in:

  • Team Event – the heaviest total weight of 6 different species caught by the team.
  • Individual Events – the heaviest fish for each species.
  • Billfish Catch and Release category – the most number caught and released by an individual based on photo evidence.
Labuna IFGA Angler

Let's get on with fishing!

Labuan IFGA Catch

The catches started coming

Labuan IFGA 2011

The catches still kept coming

Labuan IFGA

Right on through the night

Labuan IGFA tournament

And starts again the next day

Labuan IFGA Tournament

This is what they came to do

Tournament Rules: All Billfishes, Rays, Sharks and Eels that are caught are to be released unharmed.

Labuan IFGA tournament

If this doesn't win us a prize

The End Of The Tournament

The Labuan International Game Fishing Tournament 2011 came to a close at 10.00am, 23rd April 2011. All the boats assembled at Layang Layang Lagoon before heading back to Labuan. We arrived in Labuan in the early hours of 24th April at the Labuan International Seasports Complex.

The catches are off loaded and weighed in, sorted into the respected categories and team results. The judging are conducted by a panel of 3 judges and the results were released in the afternoon.

Did We Win?
Team 1 Borneo came in 4th place for the Team Event for Labuan IGFA Tournament 2011. They got a RM7,000 cash prize, had a great time and landed a lot of catch. They did pretty good. We will get them next year.

Labuan IGFA 2011 Prizes

Team Event
1st prize: RM25,000.00 + Souvenir trophies + Challenge Trophy
2nd prize: RM10,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
3rd prize: RM8,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
4th prize: RM7,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
5th prize: RM6,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
6th prize: RM5,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
7th prize: RM4,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
8th prize: RM3,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
9th prize: RM2,000.00 + Souvenir trophies
10th prize: RM1,000.00 + Souvenir trophies

Individual Prize
Heaviest Coral Trout: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Yellowfin Tuna: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Dogtooth Tuna: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Trevally: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Giant Grouper: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Escolar: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Amberjack: RM500.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Dolphinfish: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Wahoo: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Ruby Snapper: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Baracouta: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Kerisi (Jobfish): RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Bigeye Jackfish: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Rainbow Runner: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy
Heaviest Barracuda: RM250.00 + Souvenir Trophy

Catch and Release Prize
Most Number of Billfishes: RM2,000.00 + Challenge Trophy + Souvenir Trophy

Tournament Entry Fee
RM 400.00 per person, fishing boat charter not included.

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