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The Labuan International Game Fishing Tournament, IFGA, began in 1997, jointly organized by the Labuan Tourism Committee and Labuan Angler’s Association. In the first competition, it attracted almost 30 participants. Since then, the number of participants has been steadily increasing and includes anglers from all over the world.

Recognized in 1999 by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA), the tournament follows IGFA rules and regulations. It has since been accepted as an international game fishing event and has also attracted many local anglers. For the fishing experience and the prize money.

At the judging, Labuan International Tournament 2010

At the judging, Labuan International Tournament 2010

Labuan international fish caught

The winners caught something like this

The 2010 tournament was held in Layang-Layang, and ot took about 10 hours to get there from Labuan. 7 Star Adventure is a regular participant in this tournament. In 2009, we came in 10th place, with a catch of 77kg, the best of 6 fishes. The judging is based on the total combined weight of 6 species of fish, the type of catch is provided by the organizers.

Labuan International Fishing Tournament 2010
The 2010 tournament was held on 26th April to 2nd May, 2010. Admission fee was RM 400 per person and we went out fishing for 7 days on-board the 7 Star. We did get to do a lot of fishing and managed to land some good catches.

7 Star Fishing catch for Labuan 2010

Our catch for Labuan International Fishing 2010

Night fishing 7 Star Sabah

Night fishing and huge fishes

Unfortunately, we didn’t win. But hey, there is always next year!

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