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Our New Fishing Boat – 7 Star 2

Just a few weeks ago, 7 Star Fishing Adventure added a new boat to our fleet. Yes, we are now a fleet! The 7 Star has a sister boat now, meet our new boat the 7 Star 2.

7 Star 2 fishing boat charter

7 Star 2 measures 65 feet by 14 feet, the same length as the 7 Star. She can accommodate up to 10 anglers, with 10 bunk beds, a galley and private shower/toilet area. Our fishing boats for charter are not air-conditioned.

You will notice that she looks identical to 7 Star, with the same lines and layout. This is the basic time tested ship design in Sabah. She is currently getting ready to head out to sea tomorrow on a 2 day, 1 night fishing trip.

Boarding The 7 Star 2


Boarding 7 Star 2

Boarding our new boat, 7 Star 2

The 7 Star 2 is berthed in Kota Kinabalu when she is back from a fishing trip. Most of you already know where that is! For those anglers who have not yet been out fishing in the open sea in Sabah, that tiny plank is how you get on board.

New 7 Star 2

Wheelhouse of 7 Star 2

We would like to be able to say that fishing is guaranteed but you will have to book and confirm early. The weather so far has been excellent in Sabah and the sea is calm. Sabah is referred to as “The Land Below The Wind” by seafarers because it lies below the of the typhoon belt, hence we have great weather most time of the year.

Checking Availability For 7 Star and 7 Star 2

You can now check availability for our fishing boat charters. We have included a booking calender for both our boats, just make sure you are looking at the right calender for the right boat.

  1. 1. To check availability on 7 Star Fishing Boat – Check Here.
  2. 2. To check availability on 7 Star 2 – Check Here.

Once you have checked that the boat is available, you can proceed to book the boat in the form below the calender. While all bookings are on a first come first serve basis, your booking is only confirmed when the advance has been collected.

Please note that our selectable dates in our booking form is not linked to the available calenders. To avoid disappointment, make sure you select the available dates. In any case, we will contact you by email to complete the booking.

Visit this page for more photos and details of 7 Star 2.

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