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On 14th August 2010, we took a group of anglers from Singapore out fishing in the waters around Pulau Mengalum (Mengalum island). We arranged their boat charter of the 7 Star by email, and picked them up from the airport for their 2 days/1 night trip.

The anglers, Jeffery and Robert, together with their sons had wanted to experience deep sea fishing in Sabah. They also wanted to take this opportunity to spend some time with their sons on an adventure before the two boys had to report for their national service.

Singapore anglers fishing in Sabah

On board the 7 Star charter fishing boat.

The Fishing Trip
As luck would have it, the weather and sea condition during their trip turned out to be quite ideal. There were some light rain, but mostly sunny, and the sea conditions were mild. We had decided on fishing around the waters near Pulau Mengalum as their trip was short and we didn’t want to spend a lot of time getting to the fishing spot. Pulau Mengalum is a very good fishing spot, as well as a scuba diving spot. We went to what is known as the oil rig area.

Jeffery and Robert rented fishing rods from us, for themselves and their sons. As you will see in the following video, landed some decent catch. Only anglers will understand what it is like to land a big one out in the deep sea.



The fishing was good on this trip, as a result of the fine weather and calm sea. Jeffery and Robert had the opportunity to bond with their sons, and they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We look forward to see them again in the future.

Singapore anglers in Sabah

A group of friends fishing in Sabah

Catch of the day

A good haul of fishes.

Catch Of The Day
They managed to catch a good variety of fishes, including some gold spotted trevally, groupers, barracudas. Some of which were cooked at meal times, so you can enjoy the freshest seafood found anywhere. After a day of fishing, it is always nice to enjoy a good meal.

fresh meal of fish

Lunch is whatever you catch

catch of the day

This fish even looks heavy

catch of the day

A favorite of many anglers

After a haul like this, we head back to Kota Kinabalu city and bring the catch to a restaurant where they are cooked for dinner. Another reason to come to Sabah, the seafood is always fresh and the price is fair.

A Little Scrapbook

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